Miss Not Good Enough

I miss your touch and the warmth of your skin
The smell of your clothes and the dimple on your chin
I miss your laugh and your voice, all the time
You were my all. I used to call you mine
You're so far away, out of arms' reach
I need you so bad, but it seems you don't care
We don't talk at all, and yet I'm still here
I don't know what to do:you're all I want, and you're all I need
But I feel inside that you don't need me
So I think this is goodbye-not sure what to do
I love you so you so much, but that doesn't seem like it's enough
All I want you to do is to hold me and to tell me I do matter
To you, I'm worthless
Why can't you say I'm your all? Can't you hug me, at least?
Do I mean anything to you? Do you just want me to leave?
To move on, to forget?
Fine, your wish is my command
Who are you? What are you to me?
Your name is Matt? No, that certainly cannot be
I don't know any Matts. I might have used to.
I can't remember. Again, who are you?
You say your name is Matt? No, that cannot be
Where did you come from? What are you to me?
You say you love me?
No, that can't possibly be true. We just met
Sorry-again, who are you?

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