Do you want to see my drawing?
When is the next game?
Can you help me with the straw?
Miss, what's your name?

Emma hurt me, can I hit her?
Can you pull my splinter out?
Is he okay, why's he not talking?
Why did Julian say he's "out?"

Is it okay if I'm not happy?
I'm scared, can you hold my hand?
Are me and Kieren in trouble?
Is it because me and Kieren said damn?

Do you think butterflies think they're pretty?
Does my blanket love me too?
How old are you when you can't use crayons?
Is the sky sad because it's blue?

Can I love someone and not kiss them?
Why would you put a heart on your sleeve?
When someone's gone, why do we miss them?
Miss, where does God sleep?

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