Missing Dad

So many unanswered questions running through my head,
was there something i could of done, whys he got to be dead.
Should of went and talked to him like i always do,
but i went to bed, now your through.
I keep seeing your face, knowing you'll never be replaced.
I just dont know why, it tears me up. makes me want to cry.
Knowing i can never hug you again,
or even remanise about ifs or whens.
I'd give anything just to argue with you again,
tell god to name it, where and when.
Dad i just cant beleive it still,
months have gone by, it doesnt seem real.
I keep waiting on your call, or to see you around town,
but i guess that wont happen, till im heaven bound.
Well Dad thats all for now,
love your son, your pal.

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