Missing Moonlight

Lunar light ... Moonlight Serenades ... Light of the Moon
... Tis a shame such does not truly exist ...
Luna is the little sister, basking in the glow
Of her bigger siblings light
Content to showcase the other's accomplishments
As she goes quietly along her own way
Casting but a shadow of an illusion
Moonlight is but a dream
A shade, a shallow reflection
Wan, silvery - shimmering with ethereal beauty it may be
Yet, Luna tis a glassy mirror, reflecting the glory of Sol
To that lonely half of the earth bereft of sunlight
For those hours when our planet turns it's face
That part drifting round, waiting, praying, hoping
For the dawn ... For daybreak... Sunrise, ....
Awaiting a shining crimson glow to break the horizon
Awaiting the sun to rise in power, glory, beauty
For the return of the glorious radiance of the sun
Basking, as does mankind, in the radiant glory of Sol
Whose burning light gifts us with warmth, life
Still ... reflection or no ... moonlight has a power of it's own
Of this there is no doubt
Refracting shimmering hallucinatory images on ocean waves
Turning leaves waving in the breeze a cool silver
Amorphous, illusory.. Yet, a calmer beauty
A beauty not so abrupt
A wan, transitory, beauty brought to life
By the vagabond moon
Whose joy is bringing some light to the dark
Dimmer light fit for lovers to tryst beneath
For owls, crickets, lightning bugs and cicadas to harmonize
As predators prowl
As prey hunkers
As mankind contemplates more calmly his place
Beneath the moonlight
Nonexistant though it may be

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This Poems Story

Just a thought about the fact that, as such, moonlight does not actually exist: This despite it’s power over our soul and it’s much lauded effects in human relationships.