Missing My Mama

I remembered that as a child,
I have to say I was rather wild
Always active and joyful,
My mama always said ‘be careful'
And I was, since nothing happened until she left

She left me alone,
With our family, in a home
As she flew over seas,
I was filled with fear and unease
Not knowing when I'd be able to return into my mama's arms

Two years pass, in a blink of an eye
In those moments I laugh and cry,
Every day in school I'd be learning
But still unable to control my yearning
Always waiting for my mama to return

By then, minutes feel like years
And soon my yearning disappears
Since someone behind embraces me
I look up, immediately recognizing who I see,
My mama has finally returned to me

I return with my mama
To this country called Canada
Finally able to put everything in the past
Without having to asked
I'm finally home

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