missing my stillborn son

I miss you son
I loved the way you would wiggle inside of me daily
until one day you stopped.
I didn't know that you would leave this world
as the way you did
not even a goodbye
I cant lie I felt scared for you to arrive
now I lay at night wishing
you could come back to life
I have this feeling of remorse
never knowing the truth
of how you really died
it eats me alive
I realize that even babies can die
but that truth came as a shock and surprise!!
I dint know that being inside of me who be such a risk
I thought I could have protected you even from me
I wanted to look at you with your eyes awake
now if I want to see you I have to visit a grave
I waited patently for six months
hoping that the last three months would come quickly
so I can meet my baby boy
and now I wish I can go back to the day you left
and I would have touched my belly and said please stay
maybe you would have heard me and said mommy , ok!

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