Missing Pieces

There are missing pieces of my heart that not even a band-aid can hide
A darkness that has consumed the light I once used to carry
So many thoughts of what if, If only. These are questions forever unanswered.
The shards of the broken pieces cut deeper and deeper with every waking minute.
Missing pieces of a personality once so bubbly, so happy. Now are replaced with
sadness and anger. Time heals nothing as the memories are forever in a once
whole heart. The memories forever ingrained in my heart and in my mind some
good some bad, now forever missing
Missing Pieces that the moment you took your last breath, those pieces that you
took with you. The sun seems dull and the grey sky are happier. The warmth is a
stranger and coldness is my friend.
Missing pieces, though I know it was not goodbye forever that it was only until we
meet again, you have my missing pieces that you shall soon return. I still carry you
with the pieces I have left.

In Memory of my father Johnnie Johnson

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This poem is for my dad, he lost the war with cancer but he put up one hell of a fight