Missing Tooth

I remember back from when you first got your braces,
and they had to remove a baby tooth that was left.
I remember how you had to live on a diet of
ice cream and chicken noodle soup
and your jaw throbbed,
the spot of your missing tooth aching.
I think that they may have taken something more,
because now you don't take out teeth,
you take out ribs.
you file down your femurs
with an industrial sander
bone chips getting caught between your teeth
because they were lodged in your
'celery and water' diet.
Did you know that it burns more calories
to eat celery
than celery actually has?
You are chewing on nothing,
on negatives
on air.
I wish you would go back to that diet of
ice cream and chicken noodle soup.
That way,
I wouldn't cut my fingers open
on the sharp edges of your cheekbones
every time I touch your face.

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