Missing You

Pale white face,
And dull blue eyes.
Pondering fate,
As I, the young girl, cry.

My blood red hoodie,
I wipe my tears
And suffice pain
To all my fears.

My fears of losing you.
There's nothing I can do.
I wore your hoodie yesterday,
Wishing you were here to stay.

Fights were fought and fights were lost.
Kicked to [the] curb, belongings tossed.

I went to school that morning,
Looking like a mess.
Now I will be mourning,
Because you were the best.

You used to tell me stories,
Ones you knew quite well.
Tales from well before me,
Tales I will retell.

Who knew that one small tumour,
Wouldn't bring much humour.
For, I knew all along,
That you'd be dead and gone.

My hand trails down your painting,
Feeling you inside.
My tears are slowly fading,
I have you still, besides.

It may not be in person,
We're never truly apart.
It could be much worse then,
Not being heart to heart.

I still feel you living,
Just living different lives.
Memories will live on,
And memories will strive.

Others, they can't see you.
I can, it's okay.
To see you in the flesh again,
I grasp my hands and pray.

I may not be religious,
But I can be, it's for you.
Who thought that you'd deserve this?
Can I come with you, too?

I can't wrap around my head,
That you'll no longer be here.
As I lay in my bed,
I recognize this, fearing.

I cuddle with my pillow,
And clench it oh, so tight.
I now know, that though you tried
You didn't win this fight, tonight.

Maybe you're happier there.
Heaven, I presume.
But, gee, I guess this isn't fair,
Your passing's brought me gloom.

And now my fears
I held so dear,
Can also go and die.

For, love, you echo in my heart,
One you'll always be a part [of].
I put my little knife down,
In blood, I shalln't drown.

I may drown in my tears, perhaps,
If they don't cease soon,
For, now it's something I relapse,
Every noon, until the moon, even every end of June.

No need for specifics,
But this tragedy's horrific.
Filled with blood and gore,
These thoughts, I want no more.

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