Missing You

Dearest Father,

I have been thinking of you so much lately. Your kind eyes, and crooked smile, that when you laughed brought smiles and laughter to the faces of those lucky enough to be around you. I miss that crooked smile, and the way you spoke with your light southern drawl and twang in your voice. The gleam in those eyes when you looked upon us kids with the pride you felt. I can still hear my name as you call, seeking me by your side to assist in the chore at hand, what ever it may be. I have been thinking of you lately, so often as I've done these past few years when your time came up, and you rose to the highest heights man can climb, above these little clouds circling the world we still, your children and me, call home as we do. I miss you so much, being close to you for all those years we worked side by side, day in and day out for more then half my life. You raised me from a child and employed me as a man, taught me all that I know. I have been thinking of you, so much lately, the true and only friend I felt I could trust with all the secrets you took with you. I miss you Dearest Father, I miss you every day, and think of you often, so much so lately. It was you who taught me the ways of this world, and the games we would play. The grass out on the course does not feel the same, as when we dug into it with the clubs you gave me and the swing you helped me develop over the years we walked from hole to hole talking and chasing that little ball. It's not the same feeling I have any more to eye a putt and see it fall into the cup. The taste is not the same, this victory of that challenge to make it to the end for the toast of the day. I'm thinking of you as a tear falls from my eye, I miss you so much these days. Mother looks mostly the same, except there are more wrinkles on her face and more grey in her hair. The sadness does not go away in her eyes as when you would stroke her cheek, and pinch her ear, and kiss her on the lips. I miss you so much, but I'm sure she misses you more then me.

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