Mist of Dreams

When the moon falls
When the sun waste away
When the stars float away
There is no one left standing but yourself.

When you are alone and there is no one you can trust
When all your hopes become a mist of dreams
There is no one to comfort you.

When money gets lighter and lighter
When love is lost and pain is all you feel
There is no one giving you hope under the sun.

When all your tears become a riverbank
When your friends fade away and sorrow is your only companion
There is no one making your eyes shine.

When disappointment hunt your entire life
When all your dreams of happiness become a distant memory
There is no where you can hide for protection.

When you are the only one left standing
The moon drops into deception.
The sun wastes away in the soil of darkness.
The stars float away in a downfall of heartbreak.
You're just floating in a mist of dreams!

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