Mistakes and Forgiveness

Look at this world filled with hate
People out there that choose to discriminate
The only thing that I hate
Is the way we make fun of each other and the way we were made

You say something you regret,
That you wish to take back and make the problem go away
But you are reminded of it everyday
By the people that try to make you realize your mistake
But the thing is you know what you did wrong,
You just don't want to admit it to their face
You don't want to admit your flaw
You discriminate against people because they are different but it's not even their fault

To me I feel sorry for you,
You lost the chance of making a friend that I would consider one of the greatest of them all
What you did was wrong
You hurt my friend because he's different
You made fun of him, didn't even care about his feelings at all

But I do forgive you because it's just one of your flaws
We all have them and its debatable on who has the biggest one of all
I still care for you because it's in my nature to love all,
And maybe that is my own flaw
But I learned to love it because it gave me friendship
One of the greatest gifts of all
I forgive you just as long as you no longer make my friends, or anyone, ball

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