I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t look and speak the way that I do
Ever since that day when I was judged by my skin tone
I was very taken aback- one moment out of the dark blue
Though I admit, rather sheepishly, it only happened that one time alone
It may appear unfair to condemn the world by the actions of one man
It may seem, to you, absurd to look at everyone as him
And while I must admit that I find it quite hard to understand
that today I so easily pass judgment and quite so often on a whim
You have to desperately try and see, though I know the task will be trying
That my actions, while irrational, are based on my own experience
If you had tarried in my old shoes- so now share the salty tears I’m crying
You’d start to see how my hasty actions actually make very good sense
One day I hope to trust another person, no matter their shade or talk
My bigotry is my personal battle that I’d hate to see defeat me
Life is one rough jagged journey that I know will mark my stone walk
But through grace my blinded vision will restore and then I’ll finally see

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