Most teachers were not the misbehaved students.
The "difficult" students. No,
they always did their homework,
raised their hands, answered each question
with "yes, sir"s and "yes, ma'am"s.

Most teachers were not the frightened ones.
The "troubled" ones. No,
they didn't shake in social settings,
they didn't stutter during public speaking,
and they certainly did not worry
about how much they weighed,
each and every single day.

It is no surprise
the expectations they have for us,
the "difficult" ones,
are outdated and overrated
because we give new meanings to
and depressed.

But we are the next generation of teachers,
and with us we are bringing a huge change.
Strange afflictions by our teachers' understanding,
or rather, their lack there of,
have become all too intimate with our young lives.
But we are more important than the scales, razors, and grades,
and if you wait,
you will see,
the next generation of "troubled" students
will be what we always wished we could be.

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