Misunderstood Boy!

Watched 'Dead Presidents', seen what individuals would do for money
I wanna be rich, but won't see change from me
My reasons are selfless, I wanna help my people
They good for it long as I stay cerebral
Nappy head & no one understand my reasons
Just say I'm unattractive and persistently teasing
I was once a man of low-cuts, then my problems showed up
I'm introvert so I talk less and think more
I dress white & look poor
This is art for me, my outer expressions
Them 5 years of pain, and 18 years of lessons
They'll still judge me, "Mack? You need to cut it"
You look old & rusty, knowing you got some money
Pressuring me to get a haircut
You gone like it or love it
My confidence lies on Mt. Everest
Heart big like it's heaven sent
Cordial like a gentlemen
Sweet like some cinnamon
They ignore all my perks cause my outward appearance... And
I'm really done w/ college, & ghetto individuals
More into stocks and learning bout bonds
Than flashing illegal money, and being around guns

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