Mixed feelings.

I watch him, from a distance.
His tan complexion is still amazing,
His big brown eyes framed by glasses watches me from across the room.
he has his arm around the shoulders of some new girl, but he isn't interested in her.
I stand in the line, scrolling through my phone, my earbuds in.

He moves behind me, and puts his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.
I freeze and remain still, a doe caught in headlights.
He removes an earbud, expecting me to talk.
"Go away" I mumble.
"I can't hear you..." he whispers into my ear as he plants kisses on my cheek
CLAP.......My hand stings from the connection.
I regret what I've done as he reals in pain. Everyone is looking at you.......
"Either get your head out of your ass or LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I can't help but cry.
He reaches for my hand, pulling me to him. He kisses me deeply.

and just like that, he walks away.

Fine, Be that way.

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This Poems Story

This based on a love story no one want's to be in.