Mixed Passions

Being a victim turned me into a strong survivor.
They took away my innocence and my trust in people.
Deep into my soul they've cut out a hole
That was so empty yet full again once I felt my children.
The heart is an amazing entity.

For years, almost like a prisoner I lived in fear.
Fear of you, fear of me, fear of my love that still churns within.
Until that special someone finds me, my heart will remain free.
So alone I retreat to my dwelling with the moon watching me.
I look to see what I can listen to, something slow, something blue.
I turn up the sound and plug it into the ground.
Feel the shake and life the music gives.
It soothes, it heals, it's a wonderful feeling.

I wonder what makes sense so I climb down from this fence
That I've sat on for way too long.
I come out of the darkness and shine my own light
That lights up my path, my road, my journey.
I will share this light with the lost ones.
I take a look around to see what I have found.
I found myself and I hope everyone does the same.
No one can take that away, it is yours, it is you.
So open up and let the sunshine in.
Love yourself!

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