Mock Up

Tugging on a flower from upside down, that’s what it feels like
My toes grasping the rim of the atmosphere
Falling upwards into water, that’s what it feels like
I could hitch a ride on the nearest sailboat
Knowing all the while it only travels to the rim of the glass bottle
Planting a tree at the bottom of the ocean, that’s what it feels like
Drawing in the sand just before high tide, that’s what it feels like
Making sense of all that shouldn’t make sense
Seems the only way to uncover my complexities
But only when I uncover the centuries of lives etched in clay,
Only when I look for myself in the tree roots wrapped around skins of the hillside
Only when I see the sun carved in the core of the earth
Only when I see myself bare, raw, and inside out
Then I will know
I transcend the bounds of a singular identity
I am a culmination of myself
Every sketch
Every carving
Every mock-up
Down to the last grain of duality

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