Mockingbirds Lie

The wise old owl speaks softly
of how the moon so loved the tide,
that when she whispered secrets through the wind,
the water would turn white.
The zebra chuckles callously
of how the tiger lost its fame.
He says the marks he bears upon his back
portray the mark of shame.
The eagle cries out in despair
to the merciless mountainside.
She pleads the summits to recall
of when she’d use his arms to hide.
The gazelle scoffs at the lion;
how alone, he has no pride.
What kind of kingdom could he rule
with no subjects at his side?
And as the trees dance gingerly
to the rhythm of summer’s song,
they mock the habits of the bear
and say the winter won’t last for long.
So listen quiet, and hear the tales,
but listen with your eyes.
Because even though some tales ring true,
we all know mockingbirds lie.

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