Modern Day Babylon

Trust is a jewel that must be earned
when passing thru Humans ignorant and worldly ways
We notice values are being placed on worthlessness and idols
thus severing earth's creatures from safety in forthcoming days.
Oh mankind,You must awaken and realize
to revisit the sinners of past times can only Be only pain and misery
We can continue dreaming of a victory in sin and high-handedness
But,reality has and will teach us in Our case this will never Be.
We are proceeding in smashing Our heads against the barriers
and waiting for all others to squirm in pain
All the congregating around the true in faith anywheres upon earth
no matter how manyeth your filth will assuredly remain.
You see, almighty Jah is the ultimate beginner
as well as the one and only end
Jah bestoweth His truth to rescue Lil'll man from themselves
But in these Mercies many have yet to comprehend.
A great and increasing number of beings
are in love with sinful customs and doing just as they please
let us All remember as a child we crawled before walking
for in coming times, We have walked and will crawl back on Our knees.
It is Jah who seh forsake All idols
as well as all evil intentions We must also shun
For the ancient past was Our prime example
of some of and more of what awaits this Modern Day Babylon! Amen

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