Modern Day Hero

You can see these people on the streets, they may look like you and me
But inside they're full of pride, back in the war they could've died
They could've taken that fatal hit, this country-they're willing to die for it
They've done everything they've can, so if they need it-help em man
These heros deserve all our respect, they're out there doin their best
Beside them I'll always stand, beside every woman and man
They'll always have my trust, cause they'll do anything for us
Im here writing, bout soldiers we ALL know, theyre out there fighting, for people they DONT know
When you see these people in the news, literally dying for me and you
Take a second to comprehend, these people fought till the end
Take a second and bow your head, for without them we'd all be dead
Thank you all the soldiers who've risked your lives, you're always in our hearts and minds
These soldiers are willing to risk their lives, to protect you and I
These men and women work through the holidays, and with their lives they may pay
They're out there defending our country, and saving you and me
So ask an American cause we all know, the soldier is a modern day hero

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