Modern schizophrenia and affection

In a world characterised by rootlessness, I demand affection
Affection available at my disposal
I will be receptive of a smile directed at me in a crowd
Of a stranger who held my arms while crossing the street
I will extract affection from multiple sources
For a little warmth I will keep my subversive views to myself
Subconsciously learning to bow down to semiotic repression
And I will jump at slightest sympathy shown towards me
I seek no permanence, basking in thrill that temporariness assure
I am a sadist and a masochist
I am a torturer and a victim
My metaphors are real and my real is nothing but a metaphor
I am accumulating people like a miser and discarding them like treasured possessions
I see world as an ocean from which a lot of raised hands are emanating but they are not fisted palms
They are stinking fleshes eager to be taken
So I chose them all one by one
Because I have started enjoying this culture “language of no implication”
To one I narrate stories of victimhood, to another I bounce with rapture
Narrating my exploits
To one I am a slain soul wanting to be loved, to another I am a distributor of affection

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