Modern Topic

As I jot down words, trying to make a cliche saying
trying to find the line that will stick
I decide to go deep, where all my work has been
Because honestly, not everyone is happy
not everyone wants to read about joy they will never posses
they want something to relate to,
the feelings you feel but are taboo to discuss
the rage you carry like a hidden monster on your shoulders
the topic of death, the superstition to accompany it
But what about love, we all want a love story
but so did Romeo and Juliet
something to touch your heart,
the heart wrenching love
but you cant write about love, that too is cliche
so let me pick this topic,one to pick your brain
you’re going to re-think every move,
between cleaning your house to going on a date
I want this to sink in
carry these texts with you
as you go to the gym,
as you fall asleep
as you shower
and as you eat
You never loved yourself,
you never will love yourself,
you loved just the thought of loving yourself.

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