Crackled voices,
grappled lives in a cage,
and the deadened past,
quickened the birth of a rough beast.
Where the madness,
that maddened these incongruous moments,
erased a sane life,
there a touch of Goddess Moirai,
twisted the fate of mortals.

Sometimes fate take its turn,
to change the course of life.
We, the mortals,
get ourselves,
clutched by the fate.
As it throws us,
in a gyre of obscurity,
time twists destiny.

When the lamentations,
lead the corpse,
of unending catastrophe,
to its massive burial chamber,
there is still a hope of the sound of resilience,
that awaits for a moment of rejuvenated self.
Still resonating in the minds of the mortals,
that are alive.

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