Because views are everything.
One look at me and suddenly I’m mad.
All because your too self-centered.
Am I really that amusing?
What is it about my face, or my body movement that gives you the right to say how I feel.
I hate you so much, I can never satisfy your needs, I do one thing and you point out two more.
I’m still here because you made me, this is my life, Not yours.
Why do you not get that? is this message not clear enough? Why is it always on me? Why do you make me do everything?
This is not my safe place! You let him live here! I do everything because your too “tired”.
And you, what a great figure you are, all high and mighty.
I want to scream and break down my walls!
But no I don’t do that, because even at those moments I have no control of letting go.
It hurts so much to see me like this, “like this”, Jesus.
In case you were wondering about how this all happened, it started with you, and deep down you know it did.
I know for a fact that you won’t admit it because you don’t think.
You don’t think about all the crap I want to do because that doesn’t matter.
And still you wonder how I could’ve turned out “like this”.
I can’t even talk to you, because all you ever do is judge.
The one person I’m always supposed to turn to, has no direction

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