Like sunshine after a cloudy day
Like a rainbow after rain
And loving
Comforting me
Cuddling me
Makes me smile to see you after a long day
Memories of you make me warm
Flashing your headlights at me when you pull out of the driveway
To go to on an overnight
Or your warmness cuddling with me at a bonfire
I will never forget
I will always remember you saying I love you everyday
Love for you was like the highest tidal wave
When you were present nobody could be mad
Now I don't have to be scared because you are watching over me
You're making me spinach smoothies the morning of a big test
Or saying look both ways before you cross the street
Or just making sure I am warm enough on a cold day
How could I ever forget you?

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This Poems Story

My name is Isabella Boxer. I am ten years old and I attend Murray Avenue School. I live with my brother, father and my dog, Monty. My mom died from breast cancer nine months ago. Her name is Cary. This poem was inspired by her and is dedicated to her life. When my mom died, my class made poetry books and I wrote this poem. She will always be in my heart. She got the cancer in 2009 and it went away, but it came back in 2014. I give thanks to Ms. Moroney, my BFF Caitlin and my family.