It is been long but it's never too late to express love.
Today I look back and I can remember every word of yours and so much relate to it.
When you said you loved me,I barely knew what it meant before having a daughter of my own.
When you said I meant the world to you I could never understand what it meant until today when I am on an exactly similar platform.
It's hard to explain every bit of it ,perhaps God too wanted to convey this message when he created humans
And perhaps that's why he created daughters to understand and appreciate God's most wonderful creation-- "A Mom"
When I blink my eyes,you know what I think,
Even before I realize,you know what I want
When I am confused you know what can help though you might not know the cause
When I am hurt,you know what exactly can soothe.
When I cry you dont wipe my tears but converts it to a smile
When I smile,you are capable of freezing the moment.
When I pray,you have already prayed that a hundres times before I did,
When I am angry,you just let me pour in every bit on you so that you can fill the space with happiness
When I break down ,You stand like a pillar to support.
Today when I am undergoing this change in me and look at my daughter,
I am proud to be your daughter for I could have never realized it so beautifully otherwise!

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