Just a few words to let you know
Why I love you, I love you so

When we were kids you were always there
Teaching us, guiding us, showing that you care

At an early age you taught us to put God first
That no one can make it without him
Down here on this earth

You said do unto others
As you would have them do unto you

Don't worry about what they do
God will bless you

As I grew older these things stayed in my heart
And on my mind

I know without them as a foundation
I would have had an extremely difficult time

I would like to thank God
And I would like to thank you

For being the mother that you were
For being the mother that you are

None of us would be who we are
Without a loving, God-fearing mother like you

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This Poems Story

I have no training in writing. In 2009, instead of speaking at Mom's birthday party, I chose to write a poem. That was the beginning of poetry writing. Most of my poems are sentimental, I write from the heart about people I love. I live in Dallas, Texas, with the majority of my family. I have a terrific son, Kedrion, and a wonderful companion, Paul. I'm retired from the Department of Justice. After retirement, I invested in real estate and own a few properties. I entered the contest to see if there's any truth to the rumor that my poetry is good.