there are passing, fleeting moments
moments so small that i know would make you smile
and i wanted to make you smile so badly
your cheeks would be in a constant state of aching
and your voice sore from laughing

there are the most minuscule slivers of time where i think about you
but those moments pass
like the soft pads of your fingers
slipping through her hair
as you look at her with all the love you couldn’t give me

and i can’t help but to feel the most
stabbing and crushing type of happy for you
because she gives you the smile, that feeling, that i could not provide for you
no matter how many tiny minuscule moments
i wanted to place in your memory

i thought my hair was meant to flow in your hands
and my forehead perfectly shaped for your lips to press on
but ive come to realized that i think too much

the moments that hurt me the most
aren’t the ones where you said goodbye
when you broke my heart
but instead its the moments you put me back together again

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