Moments of Emptiness

Traffic slows
A heeded warning illuminates rubicund
Flickering a flame behind fresh flakes of snow
Dangling above simultaneous experiences
Curiosity reconciles at a stop
Relief takes a breath

Rosined with ambiguity
Hot cheeks yearn a chilliness
Routine tardiness requesting acknowledgment
The angst of timeliness looks for its partner
Arbitration calls to ease a nonexistent guilt

Out the window mountains chatter compatibly
Their winter blankets weigh heavy
Observant natures courteously calm to a whisper
The hush of a balmy breeze seeps into the emptiness

Detachment banters at the pane
Salt licked stains smear against a cold curvature
Flushed cheeks steam of relief
Reflection taunts its onlooker
Righteously anointing itself
Held captive by societal structure
I peer inside my window
Traffic croons

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