Moments of weakness

They pain is a weakness that is not tolerated
How much pain can one person take before they break
All the memories of darkness and pain that consumes their soul
They look to the sky for answers or to a close friend for some relief
Finding nothing except a blank road through their subconscious mind
Time goes on and you feel normal for the period of where everything seems like its gonna be alright
Suddenly the floor collapses and your falling with no ground in site
Reaching for something to grab hold of and everything around breaks before you can get any traction
Bottles help slow the decent smokes help ease the mind to their ultimate demise
Everything you once knew is gone and you try to find something new to release the parachute
Music has lost it's luster and pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark area that your falling into
Reaching out for help hoping someone hears your cries and extends their hands to grab onto to stop your never ending descent
It seems like there's no end site no hope no love or nobody's there
Continplations of something that you have once feared may seem like the last resort or only answer to a never ending story of pain and sorrow
Problem with that is once its done will you have finally hit the ground or will you be forced to suffer enternaty of all the sorrow and emptiness that you tried to escape from in the first place
So many unanswered questions that may never be answered unless you take the leap
Is it worth it to leave and give up the struggle that has crippled you to this point
Staying strong and letting it have its grip on you when you know that your not alone in this world eases the pain to a certain point
Question is how strong can one person before they break

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