Momma Come Home…

momma come home, i wish heaven had a phone
alot has changed, im not longer the same me.
its reassuring to know your finally free
but my heart aches without you here.
i wish you were near, dying alone, thats my biggest fear.
i miss our talks
out in the city, late night walks.
they say money talks.
what id pay to hear your voice.
your time wasnt up, but you were left with no choice.
now i sit here all alone.
reminiscing on my childhood as i stand full grown.
who wouldve known.
wed be torn apart in the blink of an eye.
as i sit here and cry, i look to the sky
and beg the lord to just please tell me why.
i need some closure.
they say it hurts more when your young,
but its the same when your older.
with noone to hold ya.
i try and think of the best.
but i feel like ironman with this hole in my chest.
was once happy but now im depressed add in the stress.
im trying to build a future but i cant help but wonder
who will be next.

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