Momma knows Best

Crooked teeth, facial hair, the girl who shopped at
Thrift store, was insecure to the core
Who would of thought this would be the start. The girl with a big heart
Street stupid but bStreet stupid but book smart.
Always tried to fit in with girls my age...mother thought it would just be a stage
wanted to look cool so i started to rack up many tardys and wanted to be known as the fun girl who went out to all the parties
so i started to skip school...all to look cool. God i was such a fool.
The girls my age still didnt like me but i didnt stop mom and step dad i started defying.
Didn't understand what respect meant so i started sexting guys acting like a slut and there my reputation went
Mom always told me that true friends only want whats within and nothing more but i kept ignoring her words and her heart slowly tore. All she wanted was for us to be like gma before gma passed, a hard working woman with so much class..
Once voted most likely to suceed... Some kids dDidnt go far but some did get their college degrees
Cant evenbevenbri ng myself to go to high school reunions these days because when asked what happened id stumble on the right words to say because it was more than just a few road blocks along the way.
Its going to take a lot to get my life back on track..wish i would have taken adivce all those years back..
Chaos, failed relationships, and abuse are a few things ive went through to name a few...momma always did know best if only back then I knew

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