Momma’s Heart

Looking back on all the selfish things that we would do
and all the stories we've been told, about what she's been through
Momma's heart is fragile, broken more times than we know
Through cracks and holes life left behind, love found a place to grow
Just like a seed that's planted and knows it has to die
before it finds the new life hiding somewhere deep inside
Momma's heart is like a piece of perfect fertile ground
dying way down deep inside, the seeds of love are found
Momma found out early that life would be a fight
she remembers far too many hungry sleepless nights
Building in her character a tender heart to show
compassion for the ones she loves through hard times they would know
Life never got easier, just different through the years
Her family grew along with all her worries and her fears
That just made the binding vines grow stronger even still
to hold her heart together till the cracks and holes could fill
There's a sacred place forever heavy in her heart
with dated stones for those she loved, whose time it came to part
The sweetest fragrant flowers guide the paths her heart still roams
her memories of the ones she loved that God came calling home
Momma's heart is like a garden it took all her life to grow
She tends it with her tears and prayers, for things we'll never know
I think its amazing grace God gave her from the start
for seeds of love she grows, through cracks and holes, in Momma's heart

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