Momma’s House

Why did my hormones go into a rage
When I left my Momma's home sweet home?
I wasn't ready to marry at my tender age,
To have a wife in my life just to get me some.
I should have heeded momma's wisdom.
She saw in others what I could never see,
Like the myriad of ways a devious woman
Could get what she wanted and make a fool of me.
I was arrogant and thought I knew it all
About making it on my own
I didn't need no momma taking care of me,
I could bring my own bacon home.

I left momma's cooking and homemade pies,
Supportive relationships and close family ties.
I entered a world that was lonely and cold
In a very short time I felt tired and old.
I married the girl momma warned me about
Though most of the time I had to eat out.
She didn't keep house and cooked not a lick,
She conditioned me fast to be her personal trick.
I got a good paying job above minimum wage
Bought myself a Beamer, the car of the age.
My wife took my ride when she went on her way
Left me two kids and bills I'm still trying to pay.

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