I never said Mommy Momma or Mother,
I said Daddy Dada and Brother,

I was just another one of your children thrown away,
You called yourself a Christian well not a damn thing was fixed because you pray,

I was the runt of the litter the youngest and last one you left behind,
There's no life rewind
I wonder if you knew how bad you fucked you our minds,

No bed time songs I told my own stories,
They knew I was fucked up from the start my thoughts were always gory,

Fucked from the beginning of my story they labeled me a junkie baby I was born an addict,
I didn't even mean enough to you for you to stop the habit, Did you even try? Doubt it,

I just needed 9months, 9months out of your whole life,
you couldnt make it that short time without the needles or pipe,

If you had maybe I wouldn't be mentally psychotic,
I remember being 8years old and the preacher calling me demonic,

Hate filled eyes,
Always questioned what was real or just lies,
Cries went unheard you didn't even try,
didn't take a chance on us, didn't jeopardized,
Just filled your veins,
No consequences you just hit start over like it's all on a game ....

Out of all of us kids did you even smile when we was born?
Or were we just another labor, nothing to really morn?

Hearts torn we never knew the word family,
Same blood but different color bandanas made sworn enemies,
We all have felonies,
Drug addicts,
Life sentences,
How's that for some nice melodies?

I'm the outcast of the group never claimed a gang,
I've done a lot of drugs but never did bang,

I slang when I have to but that's my only crime,
I have a couple cases but never did any time,

I've jacked a few places but don't steal from people,
I don't think I'm any better than you, when we reach the end we are all equal,

There's no sequel, we only get a one shot,
I can't hate you, you made me, and for that I'll always hold respect for you and that feeling can't be fought,

Caught up and forced to spend your life in a cage,
Too much rage caused your life story to not have another page,

I want you to know I forgive you for everything,
My words might be harsh but it's not cruelness I'm trying to gain,
You didn't break me I grew a lot from the pain,

I didn't have a bad life, yea i grew up in the hood,
But my dad raised me right, that man is nothing but good,

I guess some things just can't be understood,
Would you go back if you could?
Ill never know,
So I'm letting go,
Hoping you're resting in peace, I hope you're finally whole.

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