Mommy I'm Sorry- Gabriel Taye

Hey Mommy, it's your baby boy
I know you wish I was still playing with my toys
If I could see you, I would give you a big kiss
Since you're one of the few I'll really miss
Mommy it wasn't your fault, please don't cry
I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye
I'm sorry we couldn't celebrate Mother's Day
I wish I could take your pain away
I'm sorry Mommy but I couldn't take it
I was picked on and bullied and I couldn't keep faking it
Those kids were really mean and I didn't know what to do
I started getting sad and the misery only grew
Mommy I know I was young but the pain I couldn't hide
I came home from school and told you it was the worst day of my life
I went upstairs and locked myself in my room
I wasn't planning on coming back out after what happened in the bathroom
That evening you found me hung from the bed
You couldn't believe your baby boy was dead
Mommy when they said I just fainted, that was a lie
I was thrown into the wall from a kid with rage in his eyes
All I wanted to do was shake his hand
Mommy I only wanted a friend
When I was down, I was still harassed
I was unconscious for seven minutes and a half
The school didn't tell you and I don't know why
That's part of the reason you found me from my necktie
Mommy I love you and I always will
Gabriel Taye remember the name, and remember bullying does kill

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