Mommy, The Ole Cabin And Me

If I could just get it back, what it used to be,
All of the birds and trees, the mountains were glorious to see.
The sounds of cracking wood,
In the heat of the summer, there it stood.
As majestic as it could be, that ole cabin with tine roof on thee,
It had molded a life in me.
The coal filled stoves, not only heated our hearts and souls,
But left a burning ember,
O, it's so sweet to remember.
Upstairs in the loft were iron framed beds so soft,
These were granny beds with chamber pots,
We used them all, as we were tots.
Playing in fresh water streams, on my shinning face I beamed,
As taught to me, by my mommy.
I caught fish, frogs, and snakes to my delight, I caught them all,
Until day gave into night.
With cousins I swam the deep ice cold water holes,
Yawning purple mountains abounding, more worthy than gold.
Now late in life, I am getting old,
I miss my mother from so-long-ago.
Most of all the summers were spent in the cabin in the wood,
With all of our aunts and uncles, it was so good.
Now within me, I look back sadly,
when I was very little, mommy yet cuddled, you see,
'cause then, it was just mommy, and she loved me.

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