Mommy Whisper To Me

Mommy whisper to me tell me I won't be a crack baby
Mommy I know I don't have eyes or ears but
I felt it when we were being raped
Tell me I won't be another adopted babby
Mommy whisper to me Tell me you won't abort me
Mommy I cry when you cry , Mommy whisper to me
Tell me you won't let anybody hurt us ,
Mommy whisper to me tell me you'll
Love me and care for me unconditionally
Even in pain,when your weak and can't see another day
Mommy whisper to me
I know you were 16 when your dad opened your legs
17 He walked in and Said "Don't Move"
Your dad raped you until you became numb from love and hate
Mommy Whisper To Me
Tell me a story
Or look down and tell me about your day
Mommy I know you assume nobody loves you
But I love you mommy
Mommy whisper to me
Mommy whisper to me,while were on the doctor's table
Mommy whisper to me,As you close your eyes to fall asleep
Mommy Whisper to me
When You Wake Up The Product Of Your Rape Will Be Gone
So Don't Cry Mommy,
Just whisper to me .

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