Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

I needed the crazy to become an artist.
I needed something to tell me life isn’t perfect.
Even Leonardo da Vinci needed motivation to become famous.
Everyone needs a story to become the right person.
I needed the chaos to ensure my faith.
I needed something to break me to find my path.
Even you can walk far enough to break the chains.
Everyone is free once they do the math.
Intelligence has little to do with this.
Intuition gives you everything that matters.
Even balance means nothing at the fuck up of pure bliss.
Entertainment for nastiness is all you’ll be if you keep falling off the wagon.
It’s called slowing the fuck down so that you’ll get to enjoy life’s first kiss.
It’s called let the floor get dirty, so you can make up stories about carpets getting shaggy.
Even in the face of all those things you’d rather miss,
Every day I want you to show up with a shining face decorated by your smile.
I know your ass is strong enough to take some kicks.
I know you’ll fight back with power as you won’t look back with a stride.
Each improvement will drop the addictions to their knees.
Each day started with the positive will shake off the mind’s snide side.
In the movement of love, the hatred will have knelt.
In the creation of art, the passion will abide.
Every soul could embrace not being able to know.
Every sunken heart could embody a new love to regain life.
It only takes loving yourself like a love letter painted with hearts and wrapped closed with a bow.
It only takes saying goodbye to the darkness and taking on the light.
Every shade of brightness needs their squawking black crow.
Every day climbing out of the darkness means you’ll have to fight.
It’s really dependant on dreaming realistically and choosing to no longer burrow.
It’s really dependant on packing for the days of your journey and going for the flight.
Even the modern world needs paintings like the Mona Lisa that could be more beautiful.
Everyone needs a rabbit and a Mad Hatter to carry the little mouse who is too tired to sit up straight.
It all depends on the day you accept your place at the table to a plate that is full.
It all begins once you embrace the craziness with happiness as your best mate.

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