Good morning I said to everybody, to God and to me.

Today is Monday. We are blessed to see another day.

Silence in the room. No good morning, just gloom.

I go on my merry little way. Singing songs of praise as they complain.

I remain happy and stay the same. Thinking positive thoughts, and staying kind.

I must not let their bad moods change my attitude.

Silent prayers I say in my head. Words of encouragement I spread.

Why on Monday is there so much dread? It's just the name of another day.

Friday arrives. I walk to say hi. Now everyone is happy and kind to me. I'm still the same.

Why is everyone happy on Friday. It's just the name of another day.

Everyday is a blessing if you get to wake up.
Complain and remain or praise and be raised.

You make the choice everyday. Everyday can be different or remain the same.

Don't let your choice be based on a name.

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People tend to hate Mondays and look forward to Fridays. I feel we should be grateful for everyday. Yes some are better than others but our attitude can surely determine our altitude.