Monday Night Jam

There's a jumping bar
With a swinging band
And on Monday night's - they have the hottest jam
You've got Blues Deluxe up on stage
Making sure everything goes the right way
Their bringing in cats from all around
To pick you a tune and sing you a song
Well you never know
Who will show up
It may be percy - or it may be Bruce
It may be the kid ready to cut loose
So sign you're name and wait you're turn
And when they call you up - It's you're time to burn
So if you have - nothing to do
And you've got - no were to go
Come on down and join the show
Just bring you're stix - bring you're ax
Grab you're harps - and make some tracks
Down to the Junction
For a wild Monday Night
We'll have some fun and do things right ......

Rick Rhythm Williams
10/90 (c) P.H.P
published in Treasured Poems of America
Winter 1994 Sparrowgrass poetry forum

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