Fives, tens, twenty s, fifty s, and one-hundred dollar
bills. A single piece of paper given substantial value.
Without it your dreams go to waste. Without it
you don't survive, unlesss, your actions are rebellious.

The amount of money you have made goes to the
number of items you trade with it, every day.
Economy, Business, Financial growth.
What does it all mean? An endless amount of
paper, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
being flowed around the world. Making people
go in and out of business.

Loans, mortgages, wages, making
skyscrapers grow tall. Yet! money is really an
unlockable lock for us all. No one can get out,
unless you exploit!? But! What’s the point?
the amount of money you gain is almost equivalent
to the amount of money, you have to give! Although,
Without this complex yet simple system
no one will be able to live.

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