Money Cake

Money cannot truly buy happiness or take your pain away

It can fake a happy smile, or put some issues on your mind's layaway

It can find someone to be interested in anything that you have to think, do or say

Or buy the perfect potion to wash every last problem you can think in your head all away

It can buy the cake, but not the genuine smile that it will make

The priceless look of pure joy on your child's face

While taking out the candles and licking the frosting

Making sure there's not one drop to waste

A yummy food so simple and daily made

Was for that one split second in time

An annual symbol of the day my son was made

The fun and excitement for a birthday will one day fade

They will be too old for the hats, balloons, Batman, and clown cakes

Whether the party was $600 or whether it was only two

It's the precious life-long memories that I choose to hold onto

Some think that life is just a birth and death with nothing else to live for and that is so not true

Your life is only as limited as you allow yourself to be, it's true

Change is an inevitable part of life, resilience is her best friend

Together they intertwine the past with the current, so they can introduce future as their new best friend

Money is great, but never lose yourself to greed

It's the root of all evil and some must take heed

Others can handle having a large bank account

Others it's an excuse to throw around large amounts

It's how you get it and what you do with it that counts

When you meet your maker one day, it's your actions that you will have to give for, to account

He's not interested in the price of your cars, jewels, money, what's in your pockets at that moment, or your clothes

It's all about how you were as a person, he rips your soul out and let's the true you show, your deeds are what you will bleed

Did you do your deeds with selfless love and kindness?

Or with dark premonition of vengeance, selfish ambition or greed?

Or did you offer a hand to others, giving without the intent to receive or help a brother in need

He will even send angels to the earth to test those he wants to see succeed

To see if the energy he has given to that person was a correct and wise choice yes indeed

He waits on his thrown until the angel comes yelling down and finds him at his seat

And tells the whole story, without you even knowing it, it was an angel the whole time you talked to in the streets

God wanted to see how you would treat a stranger

That is where true love comes in, it's easy to love those who love you

To love those who don't is what matters and shows your real character my friend

And if you show the ones you love the worst, what does that say about the real you?

What do you think the spirits in the heavenlies think? What do you expect them to do?

Life is about the freedom to choose, but think about the consequence before you do

Sometimes it is worth it, most times if found it is not to be true

Everyone’s journey is different I suppose that's a lesson you must learn on your own timing and once you do, it gives you stepping stones, not something to hold onto

Because some of the worst chunks of times of your life is learning a lesson you already were taught and had to over do. Sometimes fate brings others your way and the lesson wasn't even for you

Some mistakes are life changing, yet blessings in disguise

Mine just helped me open my eyes and see where my true potential lies

All of those lonely nights I sat there and cried

Wishing I could make these feelings go away and wanted to die

Then something inside me busted forth with a shining light

And grabbed at me with all of his might

Your kids are worth more then anything is

They are a gift from the Lord

They chose you as the captain of their journey

Teaching a human is misunderstood

Get away from that demon he is no good

Walk away like any strong woman should

And let karma make her way to his life, the way he knew that she would

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