Money Can't Buy You Love

Money can't buy you love 'cause when the money is gone so is the love
As long as a person gets what they want
they will stay right by your side
Money can't buy you love
but it can buy you attention and nights filled with passion
but not the person's heart
You can buy a person everything that their heart desires,
but you still won't have their heart
So when you decide to ask them do they really love you
Don't stand there and look stupid when they tell you no
But what they will tell you
and trust me what they are about to tell you it's really going to hurt
'cause here's exactly what they are going to tell you
No, I don't love you
but I love what you can do for me
I'm sorry you thought we were in love
you little dummy didn't your mommy ever tell you that
Money can't buy you love?

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