Money Wells

The lottery
Gives others hope
But i see billions of dollars down the drain
80 billion dollars per year
Americans spend with desire
Some spend their last dollar
For some aspiration that it’ll turn into millions
Billions wasted for one person to win
Billions that could go for so much good
80 billion dollars that could make
10 million wells for the ones who desire
They pray for clean water while we beg for
Do you see the difference
Do you see the predicament
2.1 million people struggle to find clean easy water
While we let our water pour down the drain
And our money too
Our but not me
I stand but not with what I don’t agree
I love but I love equality
Some spend the money to get richer
But some want to win for their family
And some want to win to feed or clothe their children
Some want to win to have a better life
And some want to give to others that don’t have
It’s not all bad but some don’t see the bad
Some spend money they don’t have
Buying a lottery ticket instead of a meal
Some spend a few extra dollars for some hope and light
In this dark world
But still think about others
Don’t do it in greed
Do it for joy
Reduce the numbers
Change your priorities
Since when was gaining more money
More important than water and a meal
Since when was it healthy
Relying on a piece of paper
With numbers
Numbers that could change your future
So let it stop here
Read the real numbers
80 billion dollars
10 million wells
2.1 million people without easy access
It’s time to heal and to unify
As we sit in our money wells
Their hearts are in a drought

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