Monogatari part Vier

By Daiah   

Age is just a number my friends once said and now that figure is the reason I feel segregated against.
I have been a brides maid so many times that I do not need to attend a wedding rehearsal.
Family reunions always end with the question, " Any luck finding anyone yet?" To which I respond, " Y'all really never forget".
My pride is crushed by the heavy expectations those around, have for my life, is a white dress really worth all this strife?
I am the young black widow of my department at the office, my small group have labelled me a nun, just because its fun.
I have been on dates that made me want to sleep or cry. Some guy told me, "The problem with you Stace is you are too put together while I am such a mess."
I did not know how to take that. I prioritised my career and simply believe in giving all I do my best. Being an Ivy league graduate or mentioned in Forbes magazine are not the reason all that is apart of me.
These days I dread looking in the mirror anymore because what I have started to see is not beautiful.
I am thirty-five but according to the world I might as well consider myself old. My Father told me, "Princess if a man is intimidated by your success, don't say I do."
Dad, I wish you were here to help me walk down this painful road, because it looks like your little girl, will be all alone.
I am trying not to sell myself short ...
I am trying to stay strong..
I am trying to move on..
And I am starting to question the choices I have made all along.

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