Monogatari part Zwei

By Daiah   

White walls, a stained floor and ventilating machine, the starting point to my bedridden journey.
My mom cries so loud you'd have to be deaf not to hear, my dad struggles to even whisper.
The nurses keep saying what we all know is false, "you will get back to normal, Andrè is a strong boy".
What strength can I have when I can't feel a thing? What normalcy is their in chronic paralysis?
Is what I would have screamed if my mouth was not the only way I could breathe.
Tears slip down my face silently, as my heart begins to sink helplessly.
I had dedicated my whole life to a sport only to lose the ability to play anymore.
For the first time I understood what it was to despair of life itself.
My Dad pulls my mum away and looks me in the eye as if to say, " I do not how but you are going to be okay".
I am all alone now and don't know what to think, I notice the empty bed next to me.
Before I could consider who my room mate will be, a little girl is brought into the room on a wheel chair.
She smiles and waves at me, I notice that she is losing most of her hair.
The nurse helps her up the empty bed and says to her, "you did great today". The little girl pumps up her fist and says "I will fight to the end".
And almost like she could tell how I felt, she turned my way, and mouthed the words, "Will you fight as well?".

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