I was born cursed, disfigured and mangled,
With a face so warped, twisted and tangled.
A shock to the world of normality,
Infecting this land of endless humanity.

I have been called wicked, evil, and gross.
Despised by the people that I thought love me the most.
Tore from the loving arms of my mother's care,
Left alone on the street; cold, hungry and scared.

Cradled by disparity that lingered in the dark,
Taught by the dogs how to loudly bark.
I learn to find meals by bearing my teeth,
For even monsters must have food to survive and eat.

Thievery has become my most valuable of skills,
For it helps me achieve and take all that I will.
I have blended with shadows and learned the way of the night,
My greatest of jokes is to give the humans a good fright.

Their screams make me laugh as they run off in fear.
The long shrieks echo through the void and into my lonesome ears.
They think it insensitive, foolish and rude.
But to me it really doesn't feel that crude.

They plan out my capture and which trap to set.
But i don't understand why they whine or fret.
I'm just playing practical jokes, isn't that what children do?
Or has my innocent jesting some how gone askew?

They hunt me like a rabid beast on the loose,
They search with guns, knives and a rope with a noose.
Retreating to the darkness they closely follow,
The rope they tightly wrap leaving me unable to swallow.

They tear me away from the dark's embrace ,
Into the horrid light where my fate I must face.
I am chained and beaten day and night for I have no emotions,
While the tellers of stories depict all of my hellish accusations.

I am imprisoned by a jury not of my peers,
The sentence is death for the crime that's so clear.
They set the stage for my most inevitable demise,
Tears filling my eyes as I confusedly wonder why?

Born only to know all the hate this world had to offer,
Not shown any love nor caring just told to suffer.
For I was not blessed with a beautiful figure or face,
But one that's appalling that not one person would ever embrace.

So as my eyes finally close for the very last time,
I can't help but wonder this thought through my mind.
I might have been disfigured and an unwanted imposter,
But was I the one that was evil, horrible, savage monster.

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