You think you've won,
wait and see.
you're creating a monster,
from within me.
You think you're strong,
I can tell.
Watch this life,
become your hell.
You think I am weak,
like I used to be.
Weak is anything but,
what to expect from me.
You play your games well,
seen them before.
Though you don't play fare,
this will be my score.
You think you're so smart,
can out wit me.
I'm not the same person,
I used to be.
You say you don't feel,
everyone does.
Let's see how you deal,
when push comes to shove.
You underestimate me,
you really shouldn't.
I'll do things,
you thought I couldn't.
You think you've won,
wait and see.
It's calm before the storm,
sincerely the monster within me.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem i wrote when I was in a dark place kinda and my ex kept provoking me .